I signed up for the Bead Peeps Hop!  I also about died when I noticed after the fact that it will close when the 300th person signs up…oh myyyy gosh! !  Well, I’ve committed myself so here goes :), wish me luck.  I’ve been intriqued by the Bead Soup hops but never brave enough to participate lol today I guess I was having a weak moment.  I said this year was going to be a year of changes for me so I’m jumping off into the deep end here.

I am a multi-media artist and like to play with just about anything.  I’ve been making jewelry for a very long time. I started making my own then for friends, later to sale.

My style is rather eclectic, off the wall, quirky, fun…funky to say just a few descriptive words that come to mind at the moment.  I can make “normal” but I like colors that make me happy which translates to my jewelry.

I am a lampworker and make my own beads  I work with fibers, kumihimo, fabric manipulatin, metals wire work, PMC, copper enameling, gemstones lol you name it.  I love it all!

At this moment in time I can’t really say I have a favorite technique.  What ever the spirt moves in me.  Not that I get bored easily  I just like to work on many things at any given time. A lot of the time color has alot to do with I’m working on at the time or something I’ve seen that sparked a new jumping off place on an idea. I have to read non-creative type books at night before bed just to calm my mind down for sleep!  Otherwise I’m up sketching into the wee hours of the night designing which makes getting up at 5 am for the day job rough.

I love working with bright happy colors but I gotta say the new brights are even alittle too bright for me unless I can work them in with something else to tone them down.  I know a few will be shocked to hear me say that.  Ha!  There really is not a color I dislike, some I might could cover up :)…but I can make them work!

That’s about all I can think to mention to help in the selection process.  I really am excited about this adventure and look forward to having a partner to share the excitement with!

As they say….”Onward thru the fog”



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I'm a multi media artist trying to make her way thru this journey called life.

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